Spirits Brand Owners

Ultra Pure can get your new spirit brand to market better, faster and more economically than anyone else in the industry. We have the largest selection of alcohols in the world and the most extensive network of formulating and bottling expertise in the country.

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Why work with Ultra Pure?

Why is Ultra Pure the superior formulator choice?

  • Formulating expertise: of Ultra Pure’s network of over 500 artisan distilleries, we only use gold medal winners for formulation in your spirit category.
  • More Alcohol Choices: Ultra Pure has the largest selection of alcohols in the world and are stocked in regional warehouses across the U.S.
  • Speed to Market: By working directly with the alcohol companies, turnaround times and product submissions are fast with no middleman flavor houses or independent formulators.

Formulating Methodology

What does the total cost look like?

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Formulating Worksheet

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1. Do you currently have any brands?
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2. Do you have background in the industry?
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3. How will your brand be different from others on the shelf?
 Pricing Packaging Formula Story Other

4. Have you developed a marketing plan with go to market strategy?
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5. Have you developed a business plan with capital requirements and sources?
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Target Market

1. What is the profile of the buyer of your product?
 Age Income level Gender Other

2. Are there untapped market segments you are looking to work in?
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3. What is the size of your total available market?

4. What retail outlets do you want to sell your brand?


1. What is your desired price point?
 Higher cost/ Higher quality Lower cost/ Lower quality Other

2. What is your competition’s pricing?

3. What brands do you consider to be in your competitive market?


1. Is the Alcohol Base important to taste and brand story?
 yes no

2. Is the product to be flavored?
 yes no

3. If your product is to be flavored, what are your flavor objectives?
 Natural Extract Botanical/Fruit Natural Commercial Synthetic Flavors

Capital / Financing

1. Is your venture currently funded to begin purchasing?
 yes no

2. What is your corporate status?

3. What is your anticipated range of capital funding before product launch?


1. When is your expected launch date?

2. Do you have your packaging completed?
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3. Do you have a bottler?
 yes no

4. Do you have a preferred flavor house or formulator?
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5. Are you aware of the COLA & TTB authorization process and timetables?
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Launch Plans

1. Do you have a website / web designer?
 yes no

2. Do you have internal salespeople assigned to sell the brand?
 yes no

3. Do you have a consumer trade agency?
 yes no

4. Do you have a social media agency?
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5. What marketing tools are you employing to have an effective launch?

6. Do you have a distributor in the markets you will be selling?
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