Signature Spirits Neutral Alcohol Cream Base

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Signature Spirits Neutral Alcohol Cream Base

Cream based liqueurs are a fast growing market segment

  • The neutral rum base in the cream (17% ABV) provides formula stability and can be mixed up to 20% ABV with your own spirits and/or flavors
  • One year shelf life ensures the stability even with the addition of your spirits (up to 20% ABV)
  • Easy-to-try minimum size of 1x 264 gallon tote

The Signature Spirits cream program is unique and versatile

  • Get to market quickly in this fast growing product category using your own blends
  • Comes in 264 gallon totes (roughly 110x 9 liter cases)
  • Cream Liqueur batches can be seasonal with simple flavors
  • This lower viscosity cream is excellent for multiple servings and can be thickened for heavy cream applications
  • You can use your own distillates for easy blending

Neutral Alcohol Cream bases can be blended into a variety of delicious flavors:

  • Bourbon/Whiskey creams
  • Dark & Light Rum creams
  • Many mint and other chocolate blends
  • Apple pie & seasonal offerings of egg nog, pumpkin spice, and vanilla
Neutral Cream Base
Proof 34 *finished product between 25-40 proof
Container 264 gallon tote
Shelf Life 45-75°F: 6 months
30-45°F: 12 months
$/750ml $/Gallon $/Tote
1 Tote $2.96 $14.94 $3,945
2-3 Totes $2.83 $14.31 $3,770
4-6 Totes $2.75 $13.90 $3,670
6+ Totes Custom Quote